What music is best for a child?

What is melodic and pleasing to one person sounds annoying to another. What is more important for the perception of a melody – upbringing and traditions or inherited features of the brain?
Many people believe that the perception of music is based on the culture of the country where you live. But it is not known for sure
Any musician will say that it is necessary to develop a child’s ear for music with the help of the right music. The direction of the baby’s personality development also depends on the choice of musical material.
Experimenting with some styles and genres is not worth it – you should not expect any benefit from them. Other areas have a beneficial effect on the child.
Scientists have found that at the beginning of life, sounds have a huge impact on a child. Knowing this, mothers include classics for the baby, however, psychologists are sure that there are works that you should refuse to listen to.
What kind of music shouldn’t children listen to?
👉 • Noisy and too loud music. Such music can cause tears and hysteria in the youngest music lovers, and in older children – aggression and excess energy. …
👉 • Lengthy and too slow compositions. Calm and light music is good in moderation. Don’t listen to melancholic music all day. Children still need more dynamic and invigorating music.
👉 • music of only one style
The repertoire can be wide and include both classical music and children’s, pop, jazz, folk songs, etc.
The child must be introduced to classical music.
The benefits of classical music for children of all ages have been scientifically proven. Regular listening to Mozart, Bach, Chopin, and other “golden” composers noticeably develops the child’s creative, mental and communication skills
However, there are some nuances here. For example, It is not worth compiling a repertoire only from classics. It is IMPORTANT to MAINTAIN a BALANCE between different musical styles