What if you turn off all emotions?

To start, let’s talk about what emotions are.
Emotions are part of our lives. All our lives, we experience different emotions, joy, sadness, fear, surprise. Through emotions, we live our lives, and if something is wrong emotionally, we lose the ability to live our lives truly.
Some emotions contribute to achieving the goal, good mood, while others can interfere and even poison our lives if we do not know how to manage them.
So, emotions are our friends or enemies?
So, if we can experience fear, shame, anger, sadness. Not the best part, is it? Or maybe it’s better not to experience anything? But all that nature has given us is necessary for something.
Let’s try to figure out why we need emotions.
Emotions are personal experiences that express a person’s attitude to various situations.
One psychologist compared our emotions to the eyes. The eyes we have to see different things. Exclude emotions will not work, because we will become like plants.
But why do we need these negative emotions?
With the help of emotions, we fully communicate with other people. Understanding emotions, we understand and correctly respond to the emotions of others. Very closed, not emotional people make us feel insecure and not trust.
In fear, a person becomes prudent and cautious. Without fear, we do not understand how safe the situation is for us.
Anger teaches us to confront difficulties.
Anxiety makes planning for the future.
Sadness brings together friends, loved ones.
Disgust warns against anything that could harm.
We see that negative emotions benefit us.
Over the past decades, scientists have found that not only success but also happiness in all areas of life is determined by the awareness of our emotions, the ability to manage them.
Want to see your child successful and happy, teach him to understand and manage emotions.
And we will be happy to help you.