This girl is already studying about emotions, what about your child?

Many people believe that emotional intelligence must be developed in adults and children. But not everyone knows how to work to improve it.

We wrote simple recommendations on how to start developing emotional intelligence in children. These exercises are suitable for children 1-7 years old.

Emotional intelligence is not only an understanding of one’s emotions and others. This is a feeling of my body, an understanding of what I really want. This is an ability to have an opinion and not falling under the influence of others.

Many parents have some fear that a child in their teen years may end up in a bad company. This will not happen if you teach them to hear the body‘s signals from childhood and respond to them correctly. Children will feel with whom to communicate, and from whom to stay away. In adulthood, this will help to make decisions in business – with whom to work, and with whom it does not worth it.

It all starts with emotions, with the acceptance of your body and the establishment of contact with it.

For the development of emotional intelligence, it is important to develop in children all 5 senses:
• Sense of smell
• Sense of sound
• Sense of sight
• Sense of taste
• Sense of touch

We have prepared some useful games for you:

🔸 “Who is missing?”

Show your child different toys. There should be at least 5 for the small once and 9 for the older children.
Hide all the toys with a cover, and when you open, grab one toy with a cover

Then ask your child ”Who is missing?”

🔸 “Guess the food’s taste”

Blindfold your child and give him to try different foods to taste. Consequently, the child’s task will be to guess what it is.

🔸 “Find by a touch”

Prepare your child different toys in texture: rubber, fluffy, wooden, plastic, iron, cubes, balls, pencils.

It is recommended to expose the younger kids to the content of the bag.

Prepare a bag where you put all the toys. Ask the child to find an item one by one. For example, either “a pencil” or “a truck”.

🔸To develop auditory perception, read fairy tales, tell stories, listen to music, and to audio tales. You can start doing this from the first year of your child’s life. At first, they may not listen to attentively and will be distracted. But, if you continue, they learn to listen and develop their imagination.

🔸To develop a sense of smell, you can play the game “Guess the smell”

Prepare different objects that project different smells such as coffee beans, chocolate, bananas, strawberries, flowers, you can use essential oils.

Carefully and attentively select aromas, take into consideration an individual tendency to allergies in children.

These will be the first steps to start the development of emotional intelligence in children.