Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Almost all children are born emotionally open and, as the baby grows up, the level of emotional intelligence develops and improves along with large and fine motor skills, hearing, speech, memory, and other processes.
Parents are directly involved in the development of a child’s emotional intelligence.
The main goal of an adult is to teach a kid to live in harmony with himself, to accept the whole spectrum of feelings – love, joy, pride, envy, jealousy, anger, fear. And there is no need to divide emotions into good and bad because they all have a place to be in a person’s soul.
By understanding the true cause of children’s emotions, we can help the little person get to know himself better and give him instructions on how to act in such situations.
No one is born with full self-awareness and understanding of what drives other people. This is learned, and mainly – on the example of parents.
If we decide to develop the emotional intelligence of a child, we simultaneously begin to develop this intelligence in ourselves.
Both the child and the adult learn from each other, learn about the emotions and feelings of another person.
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