Video for Kids with Special Needs

 Support Videos Production for Children with Special Needs. From teaching children stress control strategies to teaching them what specific emotions mean, we aim to create a video series that can be used for children of all learning abilities, but that focuses on children who may need modified learning materials.

 Studies show that children must learn how to self-regulate to improve their attention and self-control for learning. In cognitive learning theory, learning happens by processing information that is coded into our memories. Videos help strengthen this learning. Children learn easier and more effectively when they see visual images and listen to words than by learning from words by themselves. Richard Mayer explore this phenomenon in the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia, which our video concept has been built upon. emotional connection with the topic. Authentic learning involves making an emotional connection between the motivation to learn and the student interests in order to create meaning for the content. The cognitive dimensions are able to be integrated in fun and engaging ways to support children’s emotional intelligence learning. This early time of life is especially critical to teach emotional literacy, as it sets the stage for one’s entire life.

 The main goal of our video series is to help students feel enjoyment while they are learning about feelings and expressing their own emotions. The goal is to build the foundation for positive attitude and empathy, which enriches the moral values and personal identity in these critical early years.

 Your support will help us bring our material from text and paper copies, into interactive and engaging video programs that inspire learning and teach about the importance of being a part of a diverse community, being valued, making friends, overcoming difficulty, and recognizing the emotions of others. The video series explores common difficulties including relaxing, listening, thinking, communicating, and behavior.

For this project we need  7500$

We already have many ideas and content. We need your help to professionally produce the videos.

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