Booster for the smart child. A Parent Guide for kids 1-3 years old


Developing emotional intelligence in  children 1-3 years old


👉What skills should be developed in the children now, what will be useful to them in the future?

👉How to develop emotional intelligence in children from 1 to 3 years old?


🔹Why is it recommended to start developing emotional intelligence when kids turn 1?

🔹Why do we not need to wait until the age of 7 in order to begin the development of emotional intelligence in children?

🔹Why is it necessary to develop 5 senses?

🔹What are the consequences of devaluing children’s emotions?

OUR ACTIVITIES will develop

🔸the ability to distinguish between the food objects,

🔸 the sense of smell,

🔸 the sense of sounds,

🔸 tactile sensitivity,

🔸coordination of movements,

🔸visual attention,

🔸 fine motor skills,

🔸visual perception,

🔸 improve and expand the vocabulary.

🔸Breathing Exercise and Body Mindfulness. A Life-Long Tool for Managing Stress, some techniques of relaxation and stress relieve

and more…


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