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Book 1 “Rainbow of Feelings”


Emotional stories with a lot of colorful pictures. For kids 3-7 y.o.

Emotions: Happy, Angry, Sad, Relax, Surprised and Silly.


This book is about children and for children. One of the most difficult things parents and teachers come across is deciding how to get children to react appropriately in various situations. Should they be angry, jealous, or exuberant? If yes, how can they express the emotion in a productive manner without harming either themselves or anyone else? The age groups of 3 to 7 are the most important, because this is the time when habits set in.

Stories helps you understand how to deal with various child emotions, and how to help them understand the feelings too. “Rainbow of Feelings” explores different emotions that children experience in the form of stories that written from the perspective of a child, or in third person format. The basic goal of this book is to help parents and teachers attain in-depth knowledge of what children go through and what is the right way to let them express those feelings. The idea is to make things interesting for them, yet educational at the same time. The book comes with a various music records that also illustrate various feelings and allow the child to come to terms with those feelings.

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