Music is a big part of our human culture

Music has always played an important part in human culture. Yet, it has become something that we take for granted. Think about it. Music is a big part of our lives; music is included in many of our rituals, on television, in the movies, at the theatre, and we listen to music in the car.
We use music to soothe us, relax us, to cheer ourselves up, and to wake us up. Right from birth, we intuitively use music to sing our baby to sleep, we play the music to soothe them, and we frequently use music through play as a subtle teaching tool.
The program is all about building on children’s emotional intelligence through clear guidance, fun games, and of course, music. We spent years putting our hearts and soul into creating this program so that our children today will be the leaders of the future.
With more and more artificial intelligence, it is more and more important than the workers of the future are equipped with emotional intelligence that will help them succeed.
Using music to help children learn about their emotions is a way that children soon identify with, they associate certain pieces of music with happiness; being sad, angry, or energetic. It makes a great building block.
Our program is carefully designed for parents and teachers. It is a full resource kit to work with and develop the natural instincts and behaviors of our little humans.
It boosts them in their understanding of the world around them and enables them in the best possible way. The program is tried and tested in Canada. It is a fully comprehensive program that every child deserves!