What Makes A Child Successful ?

Emotional intelligence has been recognized as the standard for determining the intelligence and success level of an individual. Opposed to IQ, EQ is now being acknowledged as the major contributing factor which ensures present and future success, as research indicates that emotional intelligence has 80% impact on the prosperity of an individual.
Scientists predict that feelings and emotions determine our behavior therefore, children with high emotional intelligence and knowledge of feelings and emotions are sure to become successful. Research conducted by psychiatrist Walter Mischel with preschoolers in Stanford University concluded amazing results, as it proved that children with control over their feelings and emotions grew up to be confident and dependable individuals.
The experiment conducted tested the preschoolers on the grounds of delayed gratification principle, which evaluated their behavior when faced with the temptation of a marshmallow and a chance to secure another one, if they agreed to wait a while. The children who waited for the second marshmallow and resisted the temptation to consume the first one, were found to grow up to be better adjusted and more adventurous individuals, successful in society.
The preschoolers who ate the first marshmallow during the experiment and could not resist the temptation were found to be stubborn, lonely, and easily frustrated individuals when they grew up. This experiment proved that the knowledge of feelings and emotions, serves to secure a high EQ in a child and ensure their future success.
High emotional intelligence can be ensured by adopting different methods and techniques.