If you are with us, it means that you are interested in the issue of raising and developing children. Raising a child is a continuous and very interesting path. On this path, changes and growth await not only the child him/herself but also his/her parents.
Often parents have questions:
*my child is very hot-tempered, she/he has frequent conflicts with children in the kindergarten, or
*my child is very shy, not confident in his/her abilities.
NO specialist, trainer, or psychologist will give a magic pill for all difficulties. Of course, the help and recommendations of specialists are important, but REAL RESULTS can only be achieved if the PARENT becomes a coach, an assistant for the child.
When developing a child’s emotional intelligence, it is important to start with the development of the parent’s emotional intelligence
Working on ourselves and developing our emotional intelligence, we, as parents, will learn to:
👉 – Learn to talk about emotions. We will develop a culture in the family to talk about our emotions
👉 – More trust develops between parent and child. When a child understands that for his/her emotions and difficulties in curbing them, she/he will not be scolded, but will understand, accept and help find a solution
👉 – Begins to better understand our relationship with the child;
When we become aware of our emotions, we understand the reasons or consequences of some situations. It becomes easier to understand our reactions to a child’s actions
👉 – Of course, a parent, learning to be aware of his/her emotions and control them, can qualitatively improve relationships with adults (colleagues, relatives, friends), she/he can become calmer, more confident and happier!
For loving parents and everyone who wants to know more about parenting in the context of emotional competence and raise a child happy and successful, we offer a program
” Booster for the smart child”