Guide 4 Teachers

Unique lessons plan with ton of activities including flash cards, stories, and music- this all for you, teacher!

Very detailed but simple plan for teachers that is ready to go (excellent for new teachers).

Can be adopted for any language and skill level.

There are 8 reasons to buy this program!!

1. Example of Lesson (Click Here)

2. You get real photos of facial expressions and situation flash cards (Click Here)

3. Very unique emotional sequences using real photos. These give teachers a unique opportunity to help the child understand the cause and effect of emotions.   (Click Here)

4. Musical pieces that describe different emotions that was composed special for this program by a professional music therapist.    (Click Here)

5. Stories about emotions with colourful pictures and with questions for teachers to follow-up.   (Click Here)

6. Supplementary worksheets with very fun activities for children.   (Click Here)

7. Games: “Colours, Shapes and Emotions” perfect to help students understand emotion through music, voice, and movement. Also, a game that teaches colours and shapes.  Instruction (Click Here)  How to play  (Click Here)

8. Unique and extraordinary offer only found here! We continue to work with this program to add new content. If you buy the full program now, all of the new activities that we create for this program are given to you free of charge!

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