Guide 4 Parents

      We are starting  updated program for  children from 1 to 7 years.

Many unique lesson plans ready to go! Many fun and exciting ways to keep your home school student engaged with learning using stories, music, and flash cards.

              Step by Step and detailed guide for parents and home-school educators.

              Great for all language and skill levels that helps you inspire children’s learning.

              Emotional development activities for kids is a fun and effective way to help them understand their feelings, regulate emotions, and supports their social skills. When children understand what they are feeling it helps reduce their stress and motivates them to be cooperative.

       *   Benefits children will receive from this program:

       *   Emotional self-regulation that increases the sense of well-being.

       *   Soothing for negative feelings.

       *   Naming emotions to help kids manage those emotions.

       *   Helps all kids learn healthy emotional skills.

       *   ESL and Special Needs children can learn about emotions even without language skills.

What this program includes:

       1. The most comprehensive set of emotional intelligence activities, ready to go and created by a teacher   (See Example)

       2. We use real photos of facial expressions and situation flash cards.   (Click Here)

       3. Emotional sequences using real events with photos. Designed to give you a wonderful opportunity to help children understand the cause and effect of emotions.   (Click Here)

       4. Musical elements that connect children to the different emotions. The music was composed by a professional music therapist especially for this program.   (Click Here)

       5. Worksheets and Stories about emotions with colourful pictures, along with questions that parents can use to extend your child’s learning.  (Click Here)

       6. One of a Kind Games only found in this series! Including, “Colours, Shapes and Emotions” that help students understand their feelings using music, voice, and movement while teaching colours and shapes.   (Click Here)

      7. Free content only found here! As we will add to this program continuously,  if you buy this unique program now, you get the new activities free of charge!