We are a Childhood Educational company based in Toronto, Canada. We collaborate with educators around the world and have developed a comprehensive approach to teaching children about emotions. We make different activities for kids and offer them to the public free of charge. We also donate materials to different children’s organizations to support an ongoing environment of charity that is focused on fostering the abilities and learning of all children!

                 Our program is unlike any other education curriculum.  We work consistently to enrich our resources with new creative ideas to teach children about emotions.  Through creating diverse and challenging activities for children, we hope to inspire them to become all that they can be, for now and in the future. Even with our best intentions and hard work, we do not always have enough funding for our projects. This is where you can become a huge part of our effort by supporting the financial needs for illustrating the book and accompanying activities. All donations help us record unique music in a professional studio, develop media and video for children with special needs, hire professional voice over services for our unique audio book, building rent, and support our website so that our products are easily accessible to everyone.

                 Our goal is to see that all educators and parents, all over the world, will be able to buy our valuable and unique learning resources. We want to keep our pricing low and affordable to everyone, and to be able to offer some activities for free. Through thoughtful and charitable giving, we are able to offer some amazing products as a reward for each donation.

Any help will be appreciated.

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