Director of a Kindergarten about New Program “Development of Emotional Intelligence in Children”

EMOTIONAL RESOURCESAs the director of a kindergarten school, I have always been interested to find new ways that can help in nurturing my students, both physically and intellectually. It is truly an inexpressible feeling to see toddlers learn new skills that build their personalities in the long run.
During my quest, I came across a program focused on developing emotional intelligence in children. I must say, I am extremely impressed with it and believe it can have a profound positive impact on children’s lives. Marianna Korol, the patron of this program, is the best-suited person to have formulated it. As a professional music therapist, she really links with children through “music, art and movement”.
It is a melodious language that connects the unconnected. The program focuses on coaching children on how to express their feelings and emotions using real life pictures of children, drawings, music, dances, games and much more. All the instruments that are used in this course represent a manner of expressing a certain feeling.
For instance, the real life pictures show facial expressions that children can use when they experience the same emotion. Drawing pictures is another way of communicating the internal state, tunes and melodies help children in relating emotions and so on and so forth.
In a manner of speaking, this program helps children speak their heart. At times, I have seen children getting frustrated and infuriated at not knowing how to express their thoughts. These innocent beings then grow up with reserved personalities and face difficulties in connecting with people all through their lives. I believe this program can really help children communicate so we can have well-knitted societies in the future.
There is another important benefit of this program that I noticed while attending a demo session. As the program does not involve the use or manipulation of words, it is suitable for children with special needs as well.
In fact, I was introduced to a couple of autistic students who seemed to have developed impressively through this course. Their communication skills were distinctively stronger and they were able to express their happiness at being a part of this course. I believe this is quite an achievement on behalf of this initiative.
There are some variations to help the deaf and blind as well. The deaf are presented with photos and stories while the blind are coached through music. There is something for everyone that makes this program truly suited for all children.
It is not just beneficial for professionals and teachers; I believe it will be equally effective when followed by mothers to groom their children. After all, the best grooming institution starts at home.
This program is a way of helping children conquer their naivete and vent out their feelings and emotions. When they know how to express as children, they will surely know how to do so as adults. Such individuals will naturally tend to be more transparent. Consequently they will be better at managing stress and worries – the part and parcel of growing up!
If you would like to see your children grow up into distinguished individuals, then this program is especially for you. I have seen it and know that it will work. Try it out for yourself and do let me know how it worked out for you!
Nadia Y.