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29 Jun

Let Your Children Feel Their Feelings

Children’s negative emotions are not always accepted by adults. It’s unpleasant for us when the child whines, cries, or simply is not happy. And we consciously or unconsciously try to switch negative emotions to positive ones.⠀Children grow up and start recognizing when they are upset, angry, or sad. They think that parents do not need

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22 Jun

This girl is already studying about emotions, what about your child?

Many people believe that emotional intelligence must be developed in adults and children. But not everyone knows how to work to improve it.⠀We wrote simple recommendations on how to start developing emotional intelligence in children. These exercises are suitable for children 1-7 years old.⠀Emotional intelligence is not only an understanding of one’s emotions and others.

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17 May

Emotional Puzzle

Emotional Puzzle is  important educational learning tool for young children as they provide many skills and mental learning benefits and opportunities also can learn to read. Cognitive Skills: Problem Solving: Fine Motor Development: Hand and Eye Coordination:      

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11 May

Emotional Stations

    Same situations can cause different emotional reactions: Angry, Happy, Sad, Surprised This game helps children understand that from one situation we can look at different. Our goal is to teach children to change point of view.  

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07 Nov

We visited Zareinu Educational Centre

We hope that our contribution will help to Zareinu Educational Centre.             Our Resources are great for social/ emotional development, that is so important for the kids. Activities gives a lot of positive emotions, that the kids so need.           Zareinu offers families a wide range of therapeutic and educational programs directly designed and delivered by qualified educators and

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05 Apr

Aggressive Child- What Can Be The Reason?

Aggression in children is not a very uncommon factor; rather a fair number of kids exhibit behavior and mood patterns which have a tendency to lead to highly aggressive actions. Aggressive children develop this trait due to a number of reasons, and the only sure way to professionally deal with this personality element is to

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13 Jan

Anxiety In Children – What Can Be The Reason?

Anxiety is a behavioral symptom which is a cause of stress experienced by an individual. Though stress is mostly associated with adults, children suffer from the effects of anxiety just as much as elders. Anxiety and stress go hand in hand, with stress serving as the causative agent which causes a person to display signs

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