Are emotions contagious?

It’s true, emotions are contagious! 👀😷
When someone yawns, our brain picks up the tiredness of the person sitting opposite and begins to imitate it. If people smile at us, then very often we smile back.
If you around someone who’s stressed, it can increase your own stress levels.
If you around positive people, you can be inspiring, energizing and motivating
When you see an anxious person expressing their state of mind, verbally or non-verbally, you are more likely to become infected with these emotions, which negatively affects your brain.
One study found that in 26% of people, blood cortisol levels rise simply from being around someone under stress. This “passive stress” is much more contagious when it comes from a loved one.
We breathe in negative emotions, stress, insecurity, aggressiveness
Negative contagious emotions, like sadness, fear, anger, or stress can be damaging to your overall health.
Negative emotions and stress remain even more contagious after exposure to negatives; we listen to negative news; we meet with dissatisfied, disappointed people; false signs of stress surround us with all sides.
How can we boost our emotional immunity before we fall prey to “passive stress”?
Here are a few things that might help:
👉 Change your reaction
If you have a positive attitude towards stress itself, that is, in the case when you stop fighting it, the level of passive stress decreases by 23%. While we perceive stress as a threat, neither the body nor the mind is ready to take advantage of its positive side, but stress, even very strong, can strengthen the work of the mind, strengthen relationships, sharpen attention, open up new perspectives, increase the feeling of our own professionalism, give a taste of life help prioritize. Than to fight with the negative surrounding you and constantly fall into disappointment, it is better – help the person to readjust to the positive, to something good.
👉 Smile more, nudge yourself into a positive mood. This approach will make you stronger. Thank life for everything, even if for something simple and equal. All of these will help you strengthen your emotional immunity.
👉 Strengthen your natural immune system. The best defense against other people’s stress is stable, strong self-esteem. The more you value yourself, the more likely you will feel ready to handle any situation. If you notice how someone else’s mood is affecting you, stop and remind yourself that in general everything is fine and that you will be perfectly able to figure out what is the matter.
We’ve learned to avoid smokers and wash hands after being in a crowded place, but it’s time to realize that the key to health and well-being is good emotional immunity, protection from other people’s stress.
🔹 Of course, you need to take into account not only someone else’s stress but also your own, which also affects the state of others
😠😡When irritated or angry, ask yourself the question more often:
“Is it that important?”
What happens if you get upset and nervous? Will the situation change? Not? Then why be nervous?
Are you sure the upcoming interview is scary? You don’t know what’s going to happen there? Why “cultivate” fear in advance?
And sometimes include healthy “do not care”, it helps a lot not to create a storm of emotions out of the blue.
A positive attitude can improve both our lives and the lives of everyone around us. 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦