Aggressive Child- What Can Be The Reason?

Aggression in children is not a very uncommon factor; rather a fair number of kids exhibit behavior and mood patterns which have a tendency to lead to highly aggressive actions.

Aggressive children develop this trait due to a number of reasons, and the only sure way to professionally deal with this personality element is to identify the apparent cause of aggression in an individual. Proper treatment and support can only be offered to an aggressive child, once the main reason for their behavior pattern is clearly diagnosed. There are diverse reasons for the violent mood patterns, and they vary from one child to the other.   

Temperamental influences are a cause of aggressive behavior in children, while disorganized or insecure attachment patterns also heighten the aggressive mood of a child.

Continuous stress which is not relieved by relaxing situations is another major cause of aggressive behavior in children. Living in a stressful environment and trying to deal with the constant anxiety, proves too much for a young child and serves to make them highly strung. Such children respond aggressively as they adopt a fight response for self defense.

An ineffective parenting style, which either involves harsh and authoritative parent behavior, or an over indulgent temperament of the elders, also incite aggressive attitude in children. Moreover, any traumas, disruption, conflicts, instability and a feeling of lack of security are highly probable reasons for the aggressive attitude exhibited by a child.

Once the cause of the violent attitude is determined, it becomes possible for parents to effectively deal with the problematic behavior of their child, and assist them to develop a normal and healthy personality.