A child who learns to manage his emotions becomes the boss of his life.

Emotional intelligence is very important nowadays, which was proved by a lot of research. A person whose emotional intelligence level is higher perceives reality more adequately and reacts to it much more effectively and interacts with it.
Emotional intelligence is an understanding of one’s and others ’emotions, feelings, and experiences for effective and harmonious interaction with the outside world. That is why it is very important to teach the child in time to deal with their emotions: not to suppress them, but to understand, contain, and live them.
When emotions are not enemies, but friends, they begin to help achieve the goal.
Our program will help children to know what they really want, not to be influenced by peers, and not be afraid to have an opinion.
But most importantly, highly developed emotional intelligence will help our children live happily. Have a good family, in which you want to come, a loving spouse and children. Doing what you love, smiling through life, enjoying all that they do.
We look forward to helping you and your family.