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31 Aug

What music is best for a child?

What is melodic and pleasing to one person sounds annoying to another. What is more important for the perception of a melody – upbringing and traditions or inherited features of the brain?Many people believe that the perception of music is based on the culture of the country where you live. But it is not known

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24 Aug

Why start developing emotional intelligence from age 1

When we have a baby, we talk with him or her from their birth, explain various sounds of animals, and introduce them to the outside world. The same thing with emotions. We introduce to the children that there are different feelings and emotions which we notice in ourselves, in other people and we should remember

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17 Aug


If you are with us, it means that you are interested in the issue of raising and developing children. Raising a child is a continuous and very interesting path. On this path, changes and growth await not only the child him/herself but also his/her parents.Often parents have questions:*my child is very hot-tempered, she/he has frequent

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10 Aug

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Almost all children are born emotionally open and, as the baby grows up, the level of emotional intelligence develops and improves along with large and fine motor skills, hearing, speech, memory, and other processes.Parents are directly involved in the development of a child’s emotional intelligence.The main goal of an adult is to teach a kid

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03 Aug

Music is a big part of our human culture

Music has always played an important part in human culture. Yet, it has become something that we take for granted. Think about it. Music is a big part of our lives; music is included in many of our rituals, on television, in the movies, at the theatre, and we listen to music in the car.We

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