Monthly Archives: July 2020

27 Jul

Are emotions contagious?

It’s true, emotions are contagious! 👀😷When someone yawns, our brain picks up the tiredness of the person sitting opposite and begins to imitate it. If people smile at us, then very often we smile back.If you around someone who’s stressed, it can increase your own stress levels.If you around positive people, you can be inspiring,

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20 Jul

Creative thinking through music.

We offer you an exercise in the development of creative thinking through music.You can do it yourself, or you can do it with the whole family and children.Instructions:Take any piece of music from “23 Emotional Music 4 kids”.Pick at least five descriptions for it. For example, the music is merry, sparkling, joyful, pleasant, optimistic. It

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13 Jul

What can help the child in learning?

Feelings and intellect are constantly fighting who is more important.Emotions and intellect are not only in one team, but also affect our decisions, behavior, and learningDeveloping emotional intelligence in children helps a lot in learning.How?First, let’s talk about what is emotional intelligence.Psychologists identify five skills of emotional intelligence:Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social skills.• Self-awareness.

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12 Jul

Game “Determine your place”

This game will help understand a child’s self-esteem: how he/she evaluates their personal qualities.Skills: Managing emotionsDecision makingTeamworkEmpathyCreativity The child is offered a sheet with the image of the stairs. On a scale of 1 to 10, determine the location of these skills on these steps

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06 Jul

What if you turn off all emotions?

To start, let’s talk about what emotions are.Emotions are part of our lives. All our lives, we experience different emotions, joy, sadness, fear, surprise. Through emotions, we live our lives, and if something is wrong emotionally, we lose the ability to live our lives truly.Some emotions contribute to achieving the goal, good mood, while others

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