Monthly Archives: June 2020

29 Jun

Let Your Children Feel Their Feelings

Children’s negative emotions are not always accepted by adults. It’s unpleasant for us when the child whines, cries, or simply is not happy. And we consciously or unconsciously try to switch negative emotions to positive ones.⠀Children grow up and start recognizing when they are upset, angry, or sad. They think that parents do not need

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22 Jun

This girl is already studying about emotions, what about your child?

Many people believe that emotional intelligence must be developed in adults and children. But not everyone knows how to work to improve it.⠀We wrote simple recommendations on how to start developing emotional intelligence in children. These exercises are suitable for children 1-7 years old.⠀Emotional intelligence is not only an understanding of one’s emotions and others.

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15 Jun

What should children develop now?

Parents wondering – “What should children develop now, what will be useful to them in the future?”⠀We really do not know what the future will be for our children in 10-20-30 years. The world changes. Everything becomes more robotized. The development of simple skills most likely will not benefit our children, in the future. These

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08 Jun

A child who learns to manage his emotions becomes the boss of his life.

Emotional intelligence is very important nowadays, which was proved by a lot of research. A person whose emotional intelligence level is higher perceives reality more adequately and reacts to it much more effectively and interacts with it.Emotional intelligence is an understanding of one’s and others ’emotions, feelings, and experiences for effective and harmonious interaction with

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