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Reno Mark

Emotional Resources for Success in School and Life

  • Our Educational resources are designed for Parents and Professionals.
  • • Our resources is the best combination of different therapy methods: music therapy, game therapy, art therapy, story therapy…
  • • We use art, voice, dance, music and different ideas to develop programs, games and activities that Kids can play and enjoy
  • • Our programs, games were tested in schools in Toronto
  • • In the development of our teaching materials we involved different specialists
  • • Children trained on our methods will have better self-expression, interpersonal relationships, decision making, stress management
  • • One of the main goal of our resources is to promote healthy social and emotional development in children
  • • Our resources are EASY, CREATIVE, USEFUL and FUN.
  • • With our unique educational supplies, kids will manage their emotions in a healthy and productive manner